Professional Repairs for Household Appliances

Same Day Appliance Repairs sets the standard with an unequalled       2 Years Repair-Warranty - (parts & labour).

As our tradesmen are experienced on a broad range of appliances, all repairs are completed in your own home, so we have no reason to send your repair to any workshop. This saves in unnecessary transport costs, the risk of having your appliance damaged in transit and you having to rent an unsuitable appliance whilst yours is awaiting repair.

Our "on the spot" in-home repair service is intended to provide a quick and quality solution to your household Appliance-Repair needs.


Woman happy with Refrigerator repairs in Brisbane

Same Day Appliance Repairs have a professional team that has the experience and expertise to repair all makes and models, from the latest computerised household-Appliances, as well as the older versions.

Our team are equipped with many genuine parts, enabling us to complete most most repairs during the first visit.




Avoid the disaster of a Fridge or Freezer breaking down full of perishables and have your appliance serviced regularly. This will reduce the risk of breakdown & lower running costs. Fridge & Freezer components that are not working efficiently will use more power and cause your fresh produce to spoil more quickly. 

Rapid response

fruit and vegatables in refrigerator

When your household-Appliance breaks-down, our firm has a rapid response repair-team available, 7-days-a-week, - until 10pm.     

We'll get there fast and have the problem solved as quickly as possible!

Call us anytime on (freecall) -        1800 777 700